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Windscreen Wiper Systems

Windscreen Wiper Systems

A.S.A.P. Supplies are proud to distribute quality Roca windscreen wiper motors, arms and blades.

The Roca range of windscreen wipers includes compact inline wiper motor kits (Roca Wiper Set W05), water resistant wiper motors (Roca W12) and heavy duty wiper motors (Roca W25 and Roca W38).

The Roca and Vetus wiper motor ranges will cover a wide range of applications, both in new build and replacement. Primarily designed as boat window wipers, they can be used in other applications.

We also supply Vetus wiper motors, arms and blades as featured in the latest Vetus catalogue as well as some spares support for certain other makes of window wiper systems too.

We are able to specify the correct wiper system for your individual requirements.

All we will need to know from you is the height and width of the window and where the wiper motor is positioned. In the case of a large screen please let us know the dimensions of the area you required to be wiped. The larger the wipe area the more the torque required to move the wiper arm and blade over the area. Longer wiper arms also require a higher torque rated wiper motor. The torque rating in Nm of a Roca wiper motor is the model number. As examples, a W12 wiper motor produces 12Nm of torque and the heavy duty W38 wiper motor produces 38Nm of torque. We select the wiper motor unit which offers the best torque requirement for the wiper loading so we ensure the Roca wiper system gives you optimum performance.

Below we have listed some common terms which you may come across when looking at boat windscreen wiper systems.

  • Two speed wiper motors - Allows fast or slow wiping speed.
  • Self-parking - The wiper blade will always automatically park to one side of the window.
  • Step-less sweep angle - You are no longer limited to fixed wiping angles. This means you can get the wiper blade to sweep as close to the side of the window as possible.
  • IP65 Rated - This is the 'Water Ingress Protection' rating, meaning wiper motors are built to withstand harsh marine environments.
  • Insulated ground - The wiper motor has a separate ground/earth (negative cable) so is suitable for all applications, metal, GRP and wooden boats.
  • EMC approved - 'Electro Magnetic Compatibility' means motors are designed to not create interference with other electrical equipment such as radios or navigation systems.
  • Adjustable tip - Allows you to adjust the wiper arm/blade angle to achieve a more effective area of clean screen.
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