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Boat Safety Scheme - Fuel Filling Points

Does the location and condition of the fuel filling point ensure that any fuel overflow is prevented from entering the interior of the vessel?

- Fuel overflowing from filling points must be prevented from entering any part of the interior of the vessel. Accordingly, fuel filling points must be positioned so that the camber or configuration of the deck; or, a coaming; or, a diverter arrangement causes any overflow to discharge overboard

- Fuel filling points must be secure, and free of signs of damage or deterioration which could lead to overflowing fuel entering the interior of the vessel.

NOTE - this requirement does not apply to the following provided there is no risk of unseen spillage: historic (i.e. bona fide ex‐working boat) diesel‐engine narrowboats, diesel tanks up to a maximum capacity of 27 litres.

Is the fuel in use correctly and clearly marked on or adjacent to the fuel filling point?

- The specific fuel type in use must be correctly and clearly marked on or adjacent to all fuel filling points: ‘DIESEL’, ‘FUEL OIL’, ‘GAS OIL’, ‘DERV’, or ‘BIODIESEL’, ‘PETROL’, or ‘GASOLINE’, ‘LPG BUTANE/PROPANE’ as appropriate, ‘PARAFFIN’, ‘PETROIL’.

NOTE - marking fuel filling points solely with ‘fuel’ or ‘gas’ is not acceptable. Marking fuel filling points with the internationally accepted symbol is acceptable.

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