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Bilge Pump Panels & Switches

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Bilge Pump Panels & Switches

The automatic emptying of water from a bilge is considered extremely important, and many insurance / certifying authorities insist on this as part of a vessels specification. This can be simply achieved by using an electric bilge pump and automatic float switch, and can be controlled using a dash mounted bilge switch or panel. We offer a choice of switches, from Johnson, Jabsco / Rule and ASAP Electrical. We recommend using a float switch with a cover to prevent debris causing a malfunction of the switch.

Switch panels and automatic pump switches allow you to control your bilge pump from your dashboard / control panel. Switches include the rolling ball type, microswitch, electronic and hydro-air versions.

Control switches include simple rocker or toggle switches, or for total control and visual indication choose a pump control panel. Available in on / off or auto / off / manual format with optional LED operation indicator light.

Bilge pump float switches allow automatic control of the bilge pump.

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