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Crankcase Vent Systems


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Both the Racor CCV (Closed Crankcase Ventilation) systems and Racor CV (Crankcase Vent) systems help the environment by eliminating oil mist from engine crankcase emissions. All engines have blow by gas that passes from the combustion process into the engines case. This will mix with the lube oil, and can be forced out of the engine through the breather system. Racor CCV and Racor CV breather systems work by controlling the crankcase pressure, separating the oil and returning it to the sump.

Racor offers a rough guide for selecting the right crankcase vent system for your engine. This is to take the rated horsepower and divide by 40 (for Closed Crankcase) or divide by 20 (for Open Crankcase). This will give the rough cubic feet per minute flow rate you will require from your crankcase system.

The Racor CCV system is a closed system designed for turbocharged engines (with or without by-pass).

The Racor CV system is an open system designed for naturally aspirated engines (without by-pass).

Racor crankcase systems are available with 3 different element grades, for the following applications:

06 Grade - Medium Density (diesel applications only)

08 Grade - High Density (diesel and petrol applications)

10 Grade - Ultra High Density (diesel and petrol long life applications)

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