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Impellers & Impeller Pullers

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Impellers & Impeller Pullers

Don't settle for anything less than the genuine article! Your engine would cost a tidy sum to replace, so why try to save a few quid on 'other brand' impellers?

Keep your engine in the condition it was designed to be in by the engine manufacturer. They specified Sherwood for its quality and expertise; this means you should fit genuine Sherwood impellers and Sherwood pump spares to your Sherwood pumps to ensure they work as intended.

As the official UK importer, we offer a competitive price on genuine Sherwood impellers and Sherwood spares. It is good boating practice to always carry a spare Sherwood flexible impeller to suit your on-board Sherwood pumps. If you require any assistance selecting the correct Sherwood impeller for your Sherwood pump, please contact us.

Sherwood flexible impellers suffixed with a 'K' (e.g. SW27000K) are supplied as an impeller kit, with gasket and / or O-ring and a technical guide.

Our range of impeller removal tools from Sherwood includes specific threaded Sherwood pump impeller pullers. Impeller pullers are also known as impeller removal tools or impeller extractors.

Replacing an impeller is easy. By removing the end cover screws, it is possible to remove the impeller by using an impeller puller or impeller removal tool even in confined spaces.

Remember it is important to always carry spare impellers on board in case of an emergency. The impeller is one of the most vital components of the engine cooling system and should always be treated as such. Most impeller kits are supplied with a small sachet of special grease to apply to the new impeller when installing, otherwise it is available separately.

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