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Rudder Angle Gauges

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Rudder Angle Gauges

Faria Beede marine gauges designed to measure the angle position of boat rudders. These gauges use single or dual rudder angle indicators as a sender to give a visual display of rudder position to a gauge mounted in the boat dashboard. The senders work by measuring the angle of the rudder or rudders and converting that to a level, where 180 ohms equals starboard, 95 ohms is the mid point, and 10 ohms displays port on the rudder indicator.

With a wide range of Faria Beede styles to choose from you can find the perfect look to suit your boat. And, once you have chosen your style, you can colour match your gauges in one Faria Beede style.

All Faria Beede gauges within this section measure 2 inches in diameter.

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