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Fuel Level Gauges

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Fuel Level Gauges

Faria Beede marine fuel gauges designed to measure fuel tank level. These gauges use European or American resistance senders to give a visual display of fuel level to a gauge mounted on the boat dashboard. The fuel senders work by measuring the resistance in the tank and converting that to a level, displaying empty to full.

All Faria fuel gauges within this section measure 2 inches in diameter.

Choosing between European and American resistance:

A fuel level sender uses resistance to operate the marine fuel level gauge. The sender supplies the gauge with a resistance which the gauge then displays as a reading on the dial, but this can be either European or American resistance. A European resistance fuel level sender has a low output at empty and as the fuel level increases so will the resistance, while an American resistance fuel sender will have a high output at empty and the resistance will decrease as the fuel level increases. It is important to match the fuel gauge with the correct fuel sender, as a mix of European and American resistance will cause your boat fuel gauge to read backwards!

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