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Multi-Choice Exhaust Flanges

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Multi-Choice Exhaust Flanges

The Seaflow Multi-Choice exhaust outlet flange is designed to bolt directly to the engine's exhaust manifold. With four sizes of flanges covering most popular marine engines please choose the size to best suit your application. Exhaust flanges are made from steel, with a BSP threaded adaptor. We offer pre-drilled, slotted or undrilled flanges for maximum adaptability.

The Seaflow flange is connected to the Multi-Choice exhaust spray head via threaded plumbing fittings (order as required)

Don't forget your exhaust flange gasket!

The Seaflow Multi-Choice Exhaust system uses three basic components:

  • Firstly, choose an exhaust flange from the list below to suit your engines exhaust manifold. Don't forget the gasket too.
  • Next, choose the Seaflow spray head to match the inside diameter of your exhaust hose.
  • You can now connect the two, choosing from the range of BSP threaded elbows and adaptors and also adapt the raw water intake pipe to the injection point via the BSP inlet port on the Seaflow spray head. Being screwed, the fittings can be sealed and locked into place in the designed position.

That's it! From a complex 'swan neck' exhaust bend to a simple 'out and down' bend, Seaflow Multi-Choice offers solutions to most engine room exhaust problems. Currently available for exhaust hose ID up to 76mm (3").

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