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This is a listing of items that have been fitted to Thornycroft 345 engines throughout production. We hope this page will help you; if you do not see what you are looking for, please contact us. We may be able to help. The inclusion of items on this page does not infer that these items are genuine Thornycroft spares. Please check carefully the suitability of the item for your own application. Gasket sets listed do not contain gaskets for marinisation components. Requests for Thornycroft spares should always be accompanied by the engine number / build list. The Thornycroft 345 is a 6 cylinder, 4 stroke, vertical, inline 5.655L diesel engine, based on the Leyland 6/98 Bathgate engine. Most 345 engines were marinised in heat exchanger cooled configuration, and can be found on-board inland and coastal vessels, in both commercial and leisure applications. Although popular, the 345 never quite gained the loyalty that attached itself to the Ford based engines of this size. For a while, the engine was also produced as the 345R, using new marinisation on a factory reconditioned base engine, and painted bright metallic green. Thornycroft never marinised the earlier BMC5.1 and BMC5.7 engines. Those were the forerunner to the Thornycroft 345. They also never produced a turbo charged version, although one was available for a short time from Leyland Power Systems. Many parts are interchangeable, but certainly not all. The 345 engine has wet liners. The engine cooling circuit must be treated with a good quality inhibitor to ensure maximum liner life. Include inhibitor checks as part of your regular maintenance schedule. From the MS-04-345 Thornycroft 345 leaflet, ratings are as follows: 1250RPM 54BHP 11.77LPH, 1500RPM 65BHP 13.82LPH, 1750RPM 76BHP 16.59LPH, 2000RPM 86BHP 19.23LPH, 2250RPM 93BHP 21.32LPH, 2400RPM 97BHP 22.74LPH. Intermittent rating is shown as 113BHP.

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