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Windscreen Wiper Arms

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Windscreen Wiper Arms

Durable windscreen wiper arms from Roca, Vetus and ASAP Electrical for use on boat windscreens.

The Roca range of windscreen wiper arms are available in 3 different designs which aim to sweep the blade in different ways, giving you the screen clearance to suit your application. The options are a standard radial arm, a radial arm with an adjustable tip and pantograph windscreen wiper arms. Their sweep patterns are illustrated below:

Standard, Adjustable Tip and Pantograph Wiper Arms

Important! Always remember to buy the correct windscreen wiper arm for your motor. This will depend on the shaft connections. Examples include: Roca W05 = 6mm shaft, Roca W12 = 13.8mm (72 splines), Roca W25 & W38 = 13.8mm hex nut. It is also important to consider the maximum arm length of your motor: Roca W05 is suitable for arms up to 355mm, Roca W12 is suitable for arms up to 610mm, Roca W25 is suitable for arms up to 750mm, Roca W38 is suitable for arms up to 900mm.

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