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Fuel Filter Elements

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Fuel Filter Elements

Never compromise the effectiveness of your Parker Racor fuel filter / water separator. Always insist on genuine Racor elements with Aquabloc® water repelling properties. Only genuine Racor elements will ensure that your Racor filter performs as they designed it to. Don't leave it to chance.

Racor elements are colour coded - Brown 'S' is 2 microns, Blue 'T' is 10 Microns and Red 'P' is 30 Microns. For primary filters where increased life and capacity is desired the filter medium should be matched to the secondary filter. Typically a 10 or 30 micron is used. For secondary filters the micron rating will vary based on the sensitivity of the injection system the filter is protecting. The most damaging particles are usually 5 to 15 Microns in size so 2 or 10 Micron elements are usually fitted.

We stock the most popular elements to suit Racor turbine filters, Spin on filters and high capacity filters. If you need help selecting the element for your system, please contact us.

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