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Crankcase Vent Systems

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Crankcase Vent Systems

Racor CCV and CV filters are used to remove the oil mist from crankcase emissions. The CCV models are designed for use in a closed crankcase system on an engine with a turbo charger whilst the CV models are to suit naturally aspirated engines.

All engines have blow by gas that passes from the combustion process into the engines case. This will mix with the lube oil, and can be forced out of the engine through the breather system. In an enclosed environment such as an engine room this oil mist can cause damage to surrounding equipment which could lead to down time and expensive repairs. The oil mist can also reduce the engines cooling capacity, causing a loss of performance and reliability. The Racor CCV and CV filters offer a highly effective solution for this problem by separating the oil and returning it to the sump.

The different models of Racor CCV and CV filters are rated by a maximum flow rate in CFM (cubic feet per minute). To get an estimate of your flow rate Racor do offer a rough guide to aid selection. This is to divide the engines rated horsepower by 40 for a closed crankcase system and 20 for an open crankcase system. This will then give an estimate of the flow rate in CFM. For older engines which have had a lot of wear it is often best to go up a size. If you are unsure on the filter you need please contact us and we will be happy to help.

Different element grades are available to suit the Racor Crankcase filters. The grades will suit the following applications:

06 Grade - Medium Density (diesel applications only)
08 Grade - High Density (diesel and petrol applications)
10 Grade - Ultra High Density (diesel and petrol long life applications)

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