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Zinc Hull Anodes

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Zinc Hull Anodes

We offer a range of Zinc MG Duff and Vetus sacrificial hull anodes that are available in pear, disc, straight and hanging variants.

Important note

All schemes must be inspected annually and the sacrificial anodes should be renewed if they are more than 50% are wasted. You should check the working surface of the sacrificial anode to ensure that it is free of paint and chalky corrosion deposits. When fitting or replacing a sacrificial anode you should also replace the serrated fan disc washers under the nuts and change the anode backing sheet on wood and GRP hulls. Exposed fixing studs, nuts and washers should be well greased or painted after assembly.

Zinc hull anodes are suitable for use in salt waters.
Aluminium Alloy hull anodes are suitable for use in salt and brackish / estuarine waters.
Magnesium hull anodes are suitable for use in fresh waters.

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