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Prepare your boat for winter


Whether you're using your boat over winter or plan on placing it into storage, you can count on us to help with effective winterisation.

Top tips for effective winterisation


Add a fuel-stabilising additive to your fuel system, then run the engine.


Fill diesel tanks up and add diesel bug treatment.


Change the engine oil and oil filter and run engine to coat internal components.


Ensure all water has been drained from the engine and raw water cooling system.


Use an engine water flusher to clean out salt water from raw water cooling systems on inboards and outboard engines.


Apply suitable greases and lubricants to the moving components of the engine, to prevent seizure and premature failure.


Change your engine’s fuel filters and any fuel/water separators in the system.


Relax or remove the drive belts to prevent deformation.


Drain your boat's domestic freshwater plumbing systems.


Add antifreeze to your domestic plumbing systems.


Ensure water is removed from all additional systems (raw water, washdowns, livewells etc).


Ensure batteries are fully charged; either leave on a float charge or check monthly and top-up as required.


Place dehumidifiers around your boat for a cost effective way to keep damp at bay and prevent musty odours.


Where possible, use tube heaters around the boat to provide a bit of warmth to prevent dampness and freezing.


Always consult your owner's manual, to ensure the above steps meet manufacturers recommendations.

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