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Check Valves

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Check Valves

Here you can find our range of non-return valves. A non-return valve is used to ensure fluid can only flow in one direction. We offer a number of different types of check valves including swing check valves, spring check valves, duckbill valves, fibreglass valves suitable for use in a wet exhaust and valve flaps.

Swing check valves - These have a flap which will only open in one direction and must be mounted vertical or horizontally.

Spring check valves - Has a spring that lifts in one direction under pressure and can be mounted at any angle.

Valve flaps - Designed to be fitted to cover skin fittings to help prevent water entering the boat.

Duckbill valves - Uses a rubber valve shaped like the beak of a duck. The end of the valve opens under pressure in one direction to allow fluid to pass through and closes when the pressure stops.

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