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Here at ASAP we offer gaskets, oil seals and cylinder head bolts from the Payen brand. Payen has been leading the field in the manufacturing of original equipment to both the OEM and to the aftermarket. Payen have been leading the water in engine sealing solutions for over 100 years. Working closely with engine manufacturers and end users, Payen have an intimate knowledge of the changes that occur with an engine over time. This means that they can develop their sealing solutions for your specific needs. Payen products are fitted as standard by many of the worlds best known engine manufacturers, so you can be sure that the replacement part you receive is of the highest quality and designed specifically for your application. From Payen we can offer marine engine gaskets and seals including: Camshaft Oil Seals, Crankshaft Oil Seals, Exhaust Manifold Gaskets, Full Gasket Overhaul Kits, Head Gaskets & Head Gasket Sets, Rocker Cover Gaskets, Sump Gaskets & Sump Gasket Kits, Timing Cover Oil Seals and Top Gasket Sets. Payen engine seals and gaskets are suitable for numerous different engine models spanning a range of engine manufacturers, including: - BMC 1.5, BMC 1.8, BMC 3.4, BMC 3.8, BMC 5.1 and BMC 5.7 - Land Rover 2.25 and Land Rover 2.5 - Thornycroft 90, Thornycroft 98, Thornycroft 108, Thornycroft 110, Thornycroft 140, Thornycroft 150, Thornycroft 152, Thornycroft 230, Thornycroft 250, Thornycroft 251, Thornycroft 345, Thornycroft 360, Thornycroft 380 and Thornycroft 381 - Perkins 4107, Perkins 4108, Perkins 4236 ,Perkins 6354, Perkins 6354.1, Perkins 6354.4 and Perkins Prima - Ford Dorset 2704, Ford Dorset 2711 & 2712E, Ford Dorset 2714 & 2715E, Ford Dover 2722E, Ford Dover 2725E, Ford FSD425, Ford XLD416 and Ford XLD418 - Mermaid Merlin - Gardner 6LX, Gardner 6LXB and Gardner 6LXC

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