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Dual Station Control Units

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Dual Station Control Units

What do we mean by 'Dual Station'?
The term 'Dual Station' refers to the control position (helm) of the craft. Most vessels are Single Station - one helm and control station. However, larger vessels are often Dual Station - i.e. two helm and control stations. The first is generally inside the cabin, and the second often located on the flybridge of pleasure boats, or near the working location of commercial vessels. Dual Station Kits are the components needed to link up and to control an engine from two positions.

We offer three types of Dual Station configuration:
Lost Motion
- This simple to install system uses two kits, one fitted to the engine and one to the gearbox, two single lever, dual function control heads and four quality control cables. To change from one position to the other, the operator needs only to have both controls in the neutral position. (609801 or 609809, plus 609803 or 609804).

Loop System - The most simple system! Requires one slave control to be connected to one master control, which is then connected to the engine and gearbox. Kobelt manufactures a range designed especially for this system, but it may be possible to use Morse single function levers with good quality control cables.

Morse Change Over - A popular choice, but one which involves numerous components. A DS unit is required for both gearbox and throttle. The gear unit is then linked to a changeover unit. These are linked to engine/gearbox and control head by seven cables. (609051, 609052 and 609056 (609053 optional)).

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