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SeaSmart Toilet Sanitising Unit for Raw Water Flush Toilets

Part No. 507691

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Brand SeaSmart
Height 260mm (10")
Width 116mm (4-1/2")
Depth 70mm (2-3/4")
Length Connection Tube Length: 1.8 Metre (6 Foot)
Suitability Manual and Electric Toilets with Raw Water Flush

SeaSmart is a total solution to eliminating bad odours in marine toilet systems, providing disinfected and sanitised water with every flush. This system is CE approved and is suitable for use with manual and electric toilets using raw water flushing. It is an automatic system that will even work if you are away from your boat. The system comprises of a reservoir of environmentally friendly liquid disinfectant, a microprocessor to analyse toilet use, a pump to dispense the disinfectant, a T piece to connect the system to the sanitation hose and a very thin tube to inject the liquid into the sanitation hose. The disinfectant is added close to the inlet seacock, to sanitise the water at the start of the system, before it reaches the toilet.

When the toilet is flushed, the flow switch sends an electronic signal to the microprocessor which activates the sanitisation pump. If the toilet is subjected to long, continuous use the microprocessor recognises the excessive usage, and will ensure that the disinfectant container isn't emptied too quickly by supplying less sanitising liquid each time. On the other end of the scale, with infrequent use (such as the boat being unused over the winter) the microprocessor will not allow odours to build up so will go into a maintenance cycle. This runs the pump automatically to inject more disinfectant into the sanitation hose to keep the water sanitised and odour free.

This toilet sanitising system is easy to install with basic DIY tools. The unit is mounted near the toilet and the T piece is inserted into the fresh water inlet of the toilet with the tube being threaded down the sanitation hose towards the inlet seacock. The tube supplied is 1.8 metres (6 foot) long and can be cut to the desired length. The sanitising system requires no electrical connection as it contains a small 9 volt PP3 battery which powers the microprocessor, pump and all the other electronics. The unit displays small separate LED lights to indicate when the battery is low or when a refill is required, as well as one to indicate when it is in use. Refill and battery life will depend on usage, but as a rough guide a refill should last over a year on an average boat, and the battery should provide enough power for several refill cycles.

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