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Dry Exhaust Silencers & Accessories

Dry Exhaust Silencers & Accessories

For many commercial and narrow boat applications, a dry exhaust silencer system is the only option. Similar to an automotive design, marine dry exhaust silencers are generally of a heavier construction, and available in various levels of noise reducing ability. This is because of the requirements of live aboard applications, where owners require minimum noise levels.

The Quietlife range offers 3 dry exhaust silencer options, depending on the level of noise reduction required. To complement these, we offer flanges, flexible exhaust piping, flexible weld bellows, rain caps, non-asbestos lagging and super clamps.

Due to the high temperatures associated with dry exhaust systems, always ensure that there is adequate ventilation for heat dissipation. We recommend that hot pipes are lagged. Flexible exhaust pipe is not recommended for extreme angles, as this may cause the pipe not to be gas tight.

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