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Bulbs & Tubes

Bulbs & Tubes

We offer a wide range of replacement bulbs, tubes and sealed beam units for both marine and industrial lighting units. From traditional tungsten and halogen bulbs to fluorescent tubes, these bulbs cover a wide range of applications.

Incandescent Bulbs - These are the standard bulbs that most people are familiar with. Incandescent bulbs work by using electricity to heat a tungsten filament in the bulb until it glows. The filament is either in a vacuum or in a mixture of argon/nitrogen gas. Most of the energy consumed by the bulb is given off as heat, causing its Lumens per Watt performance to be low.

Fluorescent Bulbs - These bulbs work by passing a current through a tube filled with argon gas and mercury. Bulb life is very long, commonly known to last 10,000- 20,000 hours. Fluorescent bulbs are also very energy efficient as they produce very little heat. They give a wide spread of light making them ideal for lighting large areas.

Fluorescent and incandescent bulbs come with a variety of contact fittings, here is what we offer:

  • G4 - Two pin bulb, 4mm distance between pins
  • BA7s - Single contact bulb, 7mm diameter base, 2 bayonet fittings
  • BA9s - Single contact bulb, 9mm diameter base, 2 bayonet fittings
  • BA15s - Single contact bulb, 15mm diameter base, 2 bayonet fittings
  • BA15d - Double contact bulb, 15mm diameter base, 2 bayonet fittings
  • BAY15d - Double contact bulb, 15mm diameter base, 2 offset bayonet fittings
  • P28s - Single contact bulb, 28mm diameter base, 2 different sized flanges

We also offer tube bulbs, double ended festoon bulbs, Edison screw bulbs and sealed beam units for spot lights and search lights. Wedge base bulbs are also available as well as Golight replacement bulbs, which are right angle pre-focus socket bulbs. Please ensure that the replacement bulb selected is correct for the application. Ensure the wattage is within the limit of the equipment, and that light output/bulb spec meets the specified requirement - This is especially important with navigation lights.

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