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Synchroniser Gauges

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Synchroniser Gauges

A synchroniser is a useful way of finding out the relative speed of 2 separate engines, which must have the same number of cylinders and use the same pick up method. The gauge indicates which side is going slower and helps you aim for a true steady path by achieving the middle of the synchroniser. There are 2 different synchronisers, depending on pick up.

Standard synchronisers are suitable for all engines that don't use magnetic pick up. This includes inboard petrol engines, inboard outboard petrol engines, outboard engines and some diesel engines.

Magnetic pick up synchronisers are only suitable for engines using magnetic pick up, where the sender is fitted next to the flywheel of diesel engines and counts the ring gear teeth to attain a reading.

All the gauges in this section are 4 Inches in diameter unless otherwise stated.

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