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Fuel Tank Water Removers

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Fuel Tank Water Removers

Why are AquaSocks a Green Product?

  • AquaSocks remove water from the fuel tank keeping the fuel dry and so helping the engine burn cleaner.
  • AquaSocks reduce the need to use biocides and chemicals.
  • AquaSocks are classified as non-toxic and non-hazardous.
  • AquaSocks as a waste product can be incinerated.

Aqua Socks are ideal for removing water from on board fuel tanks, static refuelling tanks, refuelling bowsers and even central heating tanks. Whether it's an old or a new fuel tank, an Aqua Sock will help protect you from the problems associated with having water in your fuel.

Aqua Socks are small and light weight meaning they can be stored easily, carry one in your on board spares kit - just in case! The AquaSock 12 (315012) is also available in discounted boxes of ten (10) to save you even more money.

The technology that powers the AquaSock is a special water-removing chemical that is contained in a weighted, sock-like bag. The bag has been designed to be inserted into the fuel tank via an access plate (located on the fuel tank or the fuel gauge sender.) The AquaSock will come to rest on the tank bottom where water would normally collect when the boat is not in motion.

After 24 hours, the AquaSock will complete its job. Simply use the retrieval string provided to remove the gel filled sock and dispose of according to local laws.

There are two sizes of Aqua Sock available from stock; AQ12 (12 oz) 355ml and AQ28 (28 oz) 828ml, listed below.

Aqua Socks from A.S.A.P. Supplies Ltd - Proud to be the Sole distributor for the UK!

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