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Control Cables & Fittings

Control Cables & Fittings

Control cables come in various makes, types and lengths according to the load required and the equipment involved but generally, end fitting connections and cable travel are standard. The 330 (33C) Prime control cables can be used in the majority of inboard engine applications.

Commercial applications and heavy motor cruiser applications require the 330X (33C) Prime or the 430 (43C) control cables. 64C control cables are less common, being more suited to larger vessels in the commercial sector.

33C control cables are available from 0.5 metres long up to 20 metres long, while 43C control cables are available from 1 metre to 20 metres and UD617 cables range from 2 metres to 10.5 metres long.

These control cables are suitable for most popular engines and control levers, replacing Morse cables and Teleflex cables.

Control cable fittings are also available to secure the cables at both ends, including: Ball Joints, Clamps, Clevis Ends, Conversion Kits, Fitting Kits, Gaiters, Pivots, Shims, Split Pin and Terminal Eyes.

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