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Sherwood Pump Impeller 09959K for 5/8" Shaft
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Sherwood 09959K Flexible 12 Vane Neoprene Impeller Kit (Through Key)

Part No. SW09959K

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Brand Sherwood
Model 09959K
Suitability Please see the description for the suitability of this impeller kit.
Construction Neoprene
Depth 32mm (1-1/4")
Diameter 62.5mm (2-7/16"), Shaft 15.9mm (5/8")
Drive Type Key Drive
Number of Impeller Blades 12
Impeller Shaft Diameter 15.9mm
Dimensions Keyway: 4.8mm (3/16") Through Key
Replaces Copy Impeller: 18838. Sherwood 12981 Minor Repair Kit (when bought with SW10514 shaft seal).

Sherwood marine raw water pumps all feature a flexible neoprene impeller which attaches to the shaft. The shaft rotation powers the impeller which transfers the water by creating a vacuum on the inlet side and then forcing water out in a uniform flow on the outlet side. As such an important component, you should ensure that your pump impeller is always in top condition and that you always use the correct impeller for your application. This will help to ensure the best engine performance and prolong engine life.

Sherwood recommend that all impellers are replaced at least annually (depending on application) to maintain impeller performance, however it is good practice to inspect them often to check for excessive abrasions or damage. It is also recommended that during long periods of being unused, impellers should be removed from the pump housing to prevent ultraviolet deterioration, vanes setting into position and copper bonding of the impeller to the housing. Any issues with your impeller can lead to engine overheating, which is the main reason for premature engine wear.

This genuine Sherwood impeller is the 09959K model and is supplied complete with an O-ring, gaskets and a technical guide. It has 12 vanes and features a through key keyway. The neoprene impeller is designed to fit on a 5/8" pump shaft and should only be used to pump water.

This 09959K impeller is suitable for use in the following pumps:

Sherwood A03 pumps used in Chrysler Marine Slant 6 engines (Chrysler 2659553).

Sherwood A16 pumps used in Chris Craft Model A engines.

Sherwood B06 pumps used in Perkins 40-107 diesel engines.

Sherwood D55 & P10550G pumps used in Chrysler Marine M383X, M413E, M440X engines (Chrysler 2847629 & E-7592-M).

Sherwood D60, D65, N10390G & R10935G pumps used in Chrysler Marine M273X, LM318X engines (Chrysler 2847630, 2847631, E-7584-M & E-9327-M).

Sherwood D75 & Q10855G pumps used in Chrysler Marine M225X engines (Chrysler 2847632 & E-8542-M).

Sherwood F85 pumps used in Westerbeke Pilot 10-20 engines (Westerbeke 16423).

Sherwood G15 and G30-2B pumps used in Chris Craft Model 350 engines (Chris Craft 16.80-18346).

Sherwood G20 & G21-01 pumps used in Pleasurecraft Marine 302 & 351 engines.

Sherwood G22-01 pumps used in Mitsubishi 4 cylinder engines.

Sherwood G30-2 pumps used in Chris Craft Model 350 engines (Chris Craft 16.80-18346) and Volvo Penta engines.

Sherwood G65 pumps used in Perkins 40-108 diesel engines (Perkins NA003335).

Sherwood G95-1 pumps used in Glastron 121, 182 & 302 CI engines.

Sherwood G9901 pumps used in OMC 6-8 cylinder engines (OMC 3852398) and Volvo Penta 6-8 cylinder engines (Volvo 3852398).

Sherwood G9902 & G9903 pumps used in OMC 4 cylinder engines (OMC 3852399 & 1855079) Volvo Penta 4 cylinder engines (Volvo 3852399 & 3855079).

Sherwood H10 pumps used in Crusader Chevy V6 engines (Crusader 97512).

Sherwood H5 pumps used in Perkins 4-154 diesel engines (Perkins NA005576).

Sherwood J70 pumps used in Commander 302 & 351 engines (Commander CM1-10-610).

Sherwood J90 pumps used in Pathfinder 4 cylinder engines.

Sherwood K75 & K75B pumps used in Onan 4 cylinder diesel engines (Onan 132-0275 & 132-0276).

Sherwood M10065G & L9930G pumps used in Gray Marine 6 cylinder engines (Gray Marine G77475 & G77560).

Sherwood M10210G, N10410G, P10700G, F15 pumps used in Crusader Interceptor engines.

Sherwood M10263G pumps used in Chris Craft Model M engines (Chris Craft 16.80-10008).

Sherwood M10264G pumps used in Chris Craft Model W engines (Chris Craft 16.80-10009).

Sherwood M10270G, M10280G, Q10755G, Q10765G pumps used in Crusader Chevy RH Rotation engines.

Sherwood N10460 pumps used in Gray Marine Compact V8 215, 225 CCW (Gray Marine G80301).

Sherwood N10470 pumps used in Gray Marine Compact V8 215, 225 CW (Gray Marine G80300).

Sherwood N10510G, P10650G, L9930G pumps used in Gray Marine 4 cylinder engines (Gray Marine G78478, G78972 & G77560).

Sherwood P10560G pumps used in Chrysler Marine M80 (CW) engines (Chrysler E5913-M).

Sherwood P10610G pumps used in Chrysler Marine Slant 6 engines (Chrysler E-7783-M).

Sherwood P10710G pumps used in Chrysler Marine M80 (CCW) engines (Chrysler E5839-M).

Sherwood Q10770G & R10955G pumps used in Gray Marine Gov engines (Gray Marine G76647 & G80971).

Sherwood R10870G pumps used in Medalist Light Plants engines.

Sherwood R10870G-01 pumps used in Westerbeke Gov Life Boat engines (Westerbeke 11353).

Sherwood R10920G & L9920G pumps used in Gray Marine Fireball V8 (CCW Rotation) engines (Gray Marine G80784 & G77585).

Sherwood R10925G & M10180G pumps used in Gray Marine Fireball V8 (CW Rotation) engines (Gray Marine G80785 & G77586).

Sherwood R10930G pumps used in Medalist Sabre V6 engines.

Sherwood R50G, G1 and G2 pumps.

Sherwood R991 pumps used in Yamaha 4.3 V6, 305/350 Chevy engines (Yamaha 10100000).

Sherwood RPGC pumps used in Onan 12MDJC-15 MDJF and 30MDEH-50MDEG engines (Onan 132C115).

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