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R&D Drive Plate | 10 Teeth Spline | PRM Hurth ZF | 266.7mm Diameter

Part No. RND-22AA68

This R and D drive plate is no longer available in this specification, it has been replaced by R and D part number 22AM68. Please contact us for further details.

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Brand R&D Marine
Element High Deflection
Gearbox Model Borgwarner 500, PRM 80, PRM 120, PRM 500, TMC 30, TMC 40, TMC 50, TMC 60, ZF 10, ZF 12, ZF Hurth HBW 5, ZF Hurth HBW 10, ZF Hurth HBW 50, ZF Hurth HBW 125, ZF Hurth HBW 150
Suitability Newage PRM 80, 120 & 500 gearboxes, ZF 10 & 12 gearboxes, Hurth HBW 5, 10, 50, 125 & 150 gearboxes, Technodrive TMC 30, 40, 50 & 60 gearboxes and Borgwarner 500
Gearbox Spline 10 Teeth B10 x 23 x 29 DIN 5464
Diameter 266.7mm (10.5")
Torque 135Nm 100 ft lb
Bolt Hole PCD (Pitch Circle Diameter) 6 x 8.1mm holes on 9.625" PCD in 3 groups of 2 on 23°59' 7
Number of Fixing Holes 6
Thickness 32mm (1.25") Maximum
Replaces PRM Drive Plate MT4909

22AA68 R & D Boat Engine Damper Drive Plate

Fitted between the boat engine and the gearbox input shaft, a damper drive plate is designed to transmit the engine power to the gearbox, whilst reducing transmitted gear noise and providing a cushioned drive when selecting gear. All R and D Damper Drive plates include a 'failsafe' design.

Also called the Driven Plate, Damper Plate or Clutch Plate, the 22AA68 Damper Drive Plate is from the R and D High Deflection element range. Common applications for the 22AA68 drive plate include Mitsubishi based engines such as Vetus and Thornycroft engines. Drive plate 22AA68 can replace PRM plate MT4909.

The technical details:
Spline: 10 B10 x 23 x 29 DIN 5464 (29mm diameter) Newage PRM 80, 120 & 500 gearbox, ZF 10 & 12 gearbox, Hurth HBW 5, 10, 50, 125 and 15 gearboxes, Technodrive TMC 30, 40, 50 & 60 gearboxes and Borgwarner 500
Diameter of drive plate back plate which bolts to the engine flywheel: 266.7mm 10.5"
Back plate fixing holes: One single set of fixing holes, 6 x 8.1mm holes on 9.625" PCD in 3 groups of 2 on 23°59' 7
Drive plate maximum thickness: 32mm (1.25")
Fitted with the softer type AA high deflection element for 135Nm 100 ft lb torque, providing a maximum deflection up to 30 degrees. This type of drive plate is especially suited to workboats with slow speed applications & pleasure boats. Note that this type of damper drive plate can only be fitted to rotate in the standard direction of rotation (anti-clockwise when looking at the flywheel) with the drive plate element facing the gearbox. The 22AA68 damper drive plate is also failsafe.

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