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Fuel Treatments

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Fuel Treatments

If you have or if you would like to prevent the harmful fuel bug from causing problems in your fuel system, we offer a range of fuel treatments to help. Fuel bug, also known as diesel bug can cause serious problems if not found and dealt with in an efficient correct manner.

We offer fuel testing kits to help identify if your fuel system has been contaminated before clear visual signs of diesel bug appear. We also offer a range of diesel bug treatments which can be used to treat your fuel to help cure and prevent the dreaded diesel bug.

Diesel is an organic fuel and therefore a food for microscopic fungi, yeast and bacteria. There is water for germination, carbon for food, oxygen and sulphur for respiration and trace elements for growth. The microbes are all independent, separate living cells that grow in colonies. These can develop into 'mats' easily seen in the fuel with the naked eye.

The growth and activity of the organisms can be very rapid. In other situations the development can be at a very slow rate, difficult to detect without laboratory testing. They can lie dormant in the tank until the moisture content and temperature cause the promotion of growth.

There are four well known symptoms that characterise the presence of micro-organisms:

  • Odour - usually like rotten eggs.
  • Colour - fuel is darker and often khaki.
  • Appearance - murky, slimy or matted 'gunk'.
  • Corrosion - due to the acids produced.

If your fuel / fuel tank is showing any of the above symptoms you will require one of our diesel bug treatments.

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