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Flexible Engine Mounts

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Flexible Engine Mounts

Flexible engine mountings, sometimes referred to as flexible feet, are designed to isolate vibration and noise transmission. Common applications for marine engine mounts include engines, gearboxes, gensets and drive motors. Marine engine mountings should be able to absorb the thrust of the propeller while holding the engine inline within the tolerances of the shaft coupling.

We supply flexible engine mountings from R and D Marine, Vetus, Orbitrade Marine and Drive Force.

To ensure that your engine is fixed securely, we recommended that flexible engine mounts are changed in pairs, i.e. both front flexible mountings / both rear flexible mountings or all four flexible mountings.

As a guide, to select the best flexible engine mountings for your application, consider the following:

  • Engine type and number of cylinders
  • Type of gearbox and reduction ratio
  • Total weight of engine and gearbox
  • Is the flywheel in the conventional place between the engine and the gearbox
  • Position of the engine mountings
  • Find the centre of gravity (balance point) If you cannot find the centre of gravity, then you may wish to assume that the weight distribution is 60% on the rear flexible mountings, and 40% on the front flexible mountings, if the rear mounting is in line with the flywheel

Please contact us if you require any help with selecting the correct marine engine mounts for your application.

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