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Calorifiers (Water Heaters) & Fittings

Calorifiers (Water Heaters) & Fittings

The Hotpot range of marine hot water heaters, also known as marine calorifiers, has been designed to make maximum use of the hot water in your engine's cooling system. Put simply with a hot water calorifier, you get free hot water while you motor or charge up your batteries which makes it ideal for sinks, galley, shower and washing. No fumes, just simple, safe and efficient.

Hotpot Calorifier features include:

  • Rapid heat transfer coil(s) heat water contents from cold to 65°C in about 30 minutes, with the engine at 82°C.
  • 22mm of CFC free, foam insulation for maximum heat retention (average thickness).
  • Water tanks are manufactured from heavy gauge copper with a convex base for maximum safety and capacity.
  • Tested to 75psi.
  • Available as standard with single or twin heating coils and optional third coil to order.
  • "Universal" calorifier tanks can be mounted horizontally or vertically. "Standard" vertical calorifier tanks are available for the replacement market.
  • Universal calorifier tanks are supplied with standard fittings and mounting brackets.
  • Vertical calorifier tanks have fixing feet on base, fittings sold separately.
  • Large range of sizes available.
  • Universal calorifiers are supplied with a fitted immersion heater. Vertical calorifiers have an open 2-1/4" BSP immersion aperture (order immersion or blanking plug as extra).
  • All Supa Hotpot hot water heaters are made of the finest quality materials, which guarantee the ultimate performance and reliability. In addition, the drop coil technology and finned surface heat exchanger used in the boiler provides unrivalled heat recovery.

How a Hotpot calorifier works

Hot water from the engine internal closed cooling system is circulated around the inner coils of the hot water calorifier. These heating coils feature 'drop coil' technology and have a finned surface which provides unrivalled heat recovery. As the engine coolant water flows through the calorifier coils, the heat transfers to the stored water and the coolant water is returned to the engine at a lower temperature. In addition to being able to heat the stored water by means of the engine you can also use a 240 volt immersion, ideal for when a shore power connection is available. Due to the nature of heat rising the hot water outlet is at the top of the calorifier tank and the cold water feed in is always at the bottom.

Why copper?

Hotpot calorifiers are made from 100% copper, this gives the best heat transfer performance as well as health benefits because copper has excellent anti-bacterial qualities. In tests after seven days of immersion in water, 80% of stainless steel and plastics were coated in a biofilm, while copper showed little to no biofilm. Biofilms are harbingers of E. coli 0157 and other microbiological bugs and pose a significant threat to human health.

For maximum heating efficiency, Hotpot Water Heaters should only be installed on engines with closed, pressurised cooling systems where the coolant water exceeds 74°C. Please contact us if your coolant water doesn't exceed 74°C.

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