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Fire Extinguishers & Ports

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Fire Extinguishers & Ports

Fire extinguishers from FireBlitz come in manual and automatic versions and use dry powder or clean agent to extinguish the fire. Our fire extinguishers are available in 1kg or 2kg canisters.

Fire ports (also known as fire-suppression ports or fire extinguisher ports) are an important part of safety equipment which should be installed on your boat when a fixed fire extinguisher system is not in place or where space is limited. In the event of a fire, the small port can be opened to allow a fire extinguisher to be used to access the engine space or any other enclosed area which may be affected.

Installing a fire port is an inexpensive way of preventing a fire from spreading, and most importantly it aids fighting the fire by avoiding adding additional oxygen which fuels the fire and could cause it to spread. Should you be unlucky enough to have a fire break out on board your boat, the fire port can first be used to visually inspect the enclosed area and prevent the contents of the fire extinguisher from dissipating to other areas of the boat rather than where it is needed.

If you require the A.B.Y.C (American Boat and Yacht Council) standards, all engine compartments are required to have a fire extinguisher port installed.

Installation of a fire extinguisher port requires minimal effort and provide additional safety element to any crew or passengers.

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