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E.J. Bowman have been making oil coolers and heat exchangers since 1919 and have produced a range of standardised products to suit nearly every application without the need for expensive bespoke designs.

Bowman work out of a purpose built factory in the heart of the UK and exports worldwide. The Bowman range of cooling and heat exchanger products was further expanded when they purchased the pattern equipment and manufacturing rights for the now closed Polar Engineering. This enables us to provide you with suitable equipment for a wider range of applications.

Heat exchangers and oil coolers ensure that the engine runs at the correct temperature. Direct cooling of the engine with seawater can lead to poor temperature regulation and corrosion due to the engine being designed for radiator cooling. Bowman has used their years of experience to ensure that you receive a reliable and long lasting cooling solution.

Our Bowman range includes: Combined Heat Exchangers and Header Tanks, Engine Mounted Header Tanks, Heat Exchanger Filler Necks, Heat Exchanger Manifolds, Heat Exchanger Nuts, Bolts and Washers, O-Rings, Intercoolers, Keel Cooled Manifolds, Cooling Tubes (Tubestacks), Bowman and Polar End Caps, Tubular Heat Exchangers, Water Cooled Manifolds, Oil Cooler Body Replacement, Oil Cooler O-Rings, Oil Coolers and Pressure Caps.

If you require any advice on selecting the correct cooling part for your engine, please contact us.

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