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Aqua Sock AQ12 Fuel Tank Water Remover (Single)
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Aqua Sock AQ12 Fuel Tank Water Remover (355ml)

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Brand Aqua Socks
Model AQ12
Unit of Sale 1 Aquasock
Capacity 355ml (12oz) of Water
Diameter Minimum Hole Diameter: 35mm (1-3/8", 1.375")

The AQ12 Aqua Sock is the simple solution for removing water from your fuel tank, whether it's an on-board fuel tank, static refuelling tank, fuel bowser, or even a central heating fuel tank. The Aqua Sock fuel tank water removal sock will help protect you from the problems associated with having water in your fuel.

Aqua Socks are small and light weight meaning they can be stored easily, carry one in your on board spares kit - just in case!

Aqua Socks are also available in discounted boxes of ten (10) to save you even more money.

To use the Aqua Sock in your fuel tank simply follow these instructions...

  • Remove the Aqua Sock from its packaging.
  • Secure the included string tightly to the fuel tank eyelet.
  • Find the best access hole to the bottom of the tank, avoiding sharp edges!
  • DO NOT put Aqua Sock AQ12 in a hole which is less than 35mm (1-3/8", 1.375") diameter.
  • Place the Aqua Sock in the tank, ensuring that it touches the bottom of the tank.
  • DO NOT put the string in the fuel tank - you will need that to get the Aqua Sock out of the tank.
  • Leave the Aqua Sock to sit in the tank for a minimum of 24 hours. (Do not let it sit in the tank for more than 72 hours).
  • Remove the Aqua Sock from the tank and dispose of according to local laws.
  • Start the engine and check the filter for water.
  • Each AQ12 Aqua Sock will take out up to 355ml (12oz) of water in one go, ideal for regular treatment.
  • If you have a large amount of water in the fuel tank, it may take more than one Aqua Sock.

How it works...

The technology that powers the Aqua Sock is a special water-removing chemical that is contained in a weighted, sock-like bag. The bag has been designed to be inserted into the fuel tank via an access plate (located on the fuel tank or the fuel gauge sender.) The sock will come to rest on the tank bottom where water collects when the boat is not in motion. After 24 hours, the Aqua Sock will complete its job. Just use the retrieval string provided to remove the gel filled sock.

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  • How can I ensure the fuel in my tank is clean and dry? +

    This is a worry for many people, ensuring that the fuel being sent to the engine is in good condition to protect the engine. We recommend setting up a fuel polishing system in your tank to remove water and contaminants in your tank, as well as creating movement in the tank to disturb the static environment that the diesel bug thrives in. We have attached a PDF with a basic layout, but this can be adapted and used in various sizes. For more information, please contact our technical department.

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