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Mooring Hanging Anodes

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Mooring Hanging Anodes

MG Duff have produced a new hanging anode range to leave the existing design obsolete. Traditional hanging anodes have the wire cast into the anode material and once consumed the whole system has to be disposed of. However, MG Duff`s hanging anode range features an interchangeable anode system allowing easy replacement or change of the anode material without disturbing the bonding system. This saves a lot of time, effort and money! The MG Duff hanging anode system is particularly useful when a boat is travelling through differing waters, because the system allows for the correct anode material to be selected whilst using only one hanging cable.

Typical uses of a hanging anode would be when a boat with salt water anodes is moored in freshwater for the night, meaning a magnesium hanging anode can quickly be deployed. It is good practice to carry spare anodes in different materials which can be changed to suit the mooring water to help provide protection from electrolysis.

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