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Fuel Tank Vents and Plugs

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Fuel Tank Vents and Plugs

Boat Safety Scheme - Fuel Tank Vents & Drain Plugs

Does every fuel tank have a vent facility?

  • A vent line must be fitted to each fuel tank, or a vent must be fitted to either the filling cap or filling line.

Does the fuel tank vent line have a minimum internal diameter of 9.5mm (3/8")?

  • The internal diameter of vent lines must be at least 9.5mm (3/8").

Are the fuel tank vent line connections free of signs of leaks and in good condition, and are all vent hose connections accessible for inspection?

  • All vent hose connections must be accessible for inspection,secure and free of signs of leaks or other signs of damage and/or deterioration.
  • Vent pipe connections must be secure and free of signs of leaks, signs of damage and/or deterioration.

Is the fuel tank vent line self‐draining so that fuel is not retained, and is it free of kinks or other restrictions?

  • Vent lines must be connected to the top of the tank and be ‘self‐draining’, i.e. fall continuously from the vent outlet to the tank, or, where a swan neck is installed, from the top of the swan neck down to the vent outlet and the fuel tank connection.
  • Vent lines must not be kinked or restricted.
  • Is the material of the fuel tank vent line suitable and in good condition?

    • Vent lines must not show signs of fuel leaks, damage or deterioration.
    • Vent hose must be marked as suitable for the fuel in use or supported by an appropriate declaration.

    NOTE - hoses marked with the correct type of fuel in use are acceptable. Hoses marked ISO 7840, or equivalent, are recommended, and hoses marked to SAE J 1527, DIN 4798, RINA DIP/66/96 are equivalent to ISO 7840.

    Is the fuel tank vent outlet fitted with an effective flame arrester or flame‐arresting gauze?

    • Vent outlets must be fitted with either a suitable proprietary flame arrester or gauze of at least 11 wires per linear cm (28 wires per inch) mesh.
    • Where the flame arrester is not of a suitable proprietary type the openings in the arrester’s body must be at least of the same area as the cross‐sectional area of the vent line.
    • Flame arresters or gauze must be complete and free of damage or restrictions.

    Are all fuel filters inside engine spaces fire resistant?

    • Fuel filters(including drain plugs) located inside engine spaces must have intrinsic fire resistance of at least 2.5 minutes at 600˚C.

    NOTE - all‐metal fuel filters and drain plugs are accepted as being sufficiently fire resistant.

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