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Replacement Cooling Tubes (Tubestacks)

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Replacement Cooling Tubes (Tubestacks)

A tubestack is the bundle of tubes fitted inside a housing to provide the transfer point of a hot liquid and a cool liquid like oil coolers, engine heat exchangers and charge air coolers.

In marine applications heat exchanger tubestacks are made of cupro / nickel to support efficient heat transfer from the vital components.

Choosing your replacement Bowman tubestack.

Combined manifold heat exchangers: For heat exchanger manifolds you can judge which replacement tubestack you will need by the Bowman tubestack part number. Each digit represents a certain feature of the tubestack as follows: The first 2 numbers indicate the diameter and the 3rd number gives the number of vent holes in each end of the sleeve. Then, the final numbers indicate the length of the tubestack. E.g. 514-525 is a 51mm diameter tube stack, with 4 vent holes each end and is 525mm long.

Heat exchangers: These have tubes exposed and will start from 76mm diameter, except some oil cooler tubestacks (which start with 4 digit Bowman part numbers). For these tubestacks, the part number is not related to the dimensions at all. You will need to look at the previous tubestack to identify a replacement by looking at:
1) the diameter of the tubestack.
2) the length of the tubestack.
3) the centre hole of the tubestack.
4) the number and construction of baffle plates holding the tubes together.

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