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Racor S3228TUL Spin-On Fuel Filter Element (10 Micron)

Part No. 301239

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Brand Racor
Model S3228TUL
Style Spin-On Element
Applications Petrol (Gasoline)
Element 10 Micron
Unit of Sale 1 Element
Maximum Flow Rate 227 LPH (60 US GPH)
Thread Size 1"-14 Center Thread
Suitability Racor 320R-RAC-02 Fuel Filters (A.S.A.P. part number: 301233), Volvo Penta 877765 Petrol Filters. (see description for Volvo engines)
Replaces Volvo Penta 857633 Elements, Orbitrade 17633
Certification / Approvals UL Approved

Racor S3228TUL 10 micron UL listed filter element suitable for the Racor 320R-RAC-02 fuel filters (A.S.A.P. part number: 301233), as well as Volvo Penta 877765 petrol filters. This fuel filter element can replace Volvo Penta 857633 elements.

The Racor fuel filter element is suitable for the following Volvo Penta engines: 275, 430, 500, 2001, 2002, 2003, 120S-A, 120S-B, 120SC, 120S-D, 120S-E, 2001AG, 2001B, 2001BG, 2001R, 2002AG, 2002B, 2002BG, 2002D, 2003 SOLAS, 2003AG, 2003B, 2003B SOLAS, 2003BG, 2003D, 2003R, 2003R SOLAS, 2003T, 2003TB, 2003TB SOLAS, 2003TR, 230A, 230B, 250A, 250B, 251A, 275A, 280B, 285A, 290A, 290DP, 430A, 430B, 431A, 431B, 432A, 434A, 500A, 500B, 501A, 501B, 570A, 571A, 572A, 740A, 740B, AD30, AD30A, AD40B, AQ115A, AQ115B, AQ120B, AQ125A, AQ130, AQ130A, AQ130B, AQ130C, AQ130D, AQ131A, AQ131B, AQ131C, AQ131D, AQ140A, AQ145A, AQ145B, AQ151A, AQ151B, AQ151C, AQ165A, AQ170A, AQ170B, AQ170C, AQ171A, AQ171C, AQ175A, AQ200B, AQ200C, AQ200D, AQ200F, AQ205A, AQ205LB, AQ211A, AQ225B, AQ225C, AQ225D, AQ225E, AQ225F, AQ231A, AQ231B, AQ231LB, AQ255A, AQ255B, AQ260A, AQ260B, AQ271A, AQ271B, AQ271C, AQ271D, AQ271LB, AQ290A, AQ311A, AQ311B, AQAD30, AQAD30A, AQAD40A, AQAD40B, AQD21A, AQD21B, AQD2B, AQD40A, B20, BB115A, BB115B, BB115C, BB140A, BB145A, BB165A, BB170A, BB170B, BB170C, BB225A, BB225AV, BB225B, BB225C, BB231A, BB260A, BB260AV, BB260B, BB260C, BB261A, BB740A, DP-A, DP-A1, DP-A2, DP-C, DP-C1, DP-C1 1.95, DP-C1 2.30, DP-D, DP-D1, DP-D1 1.68, DP-D1 1.78, DP-D1 1.95, DP-D1 2.30, MB10A, MB2, MB20A, MB20B, MB20C, MD11, MD11C, MD11D, MD17, MD17C, MD17D, MD1B, MD21A, MD21B, MD2B, MD30, MD30A, MD3B, MD40A, MD5A, MD5B, MD5C, MD6, MD6A, MD6B, MD7, MD7A, MD7B, MS2A, MS2A-D, MS2A-E, MS2A-S, MS2B, MS2B-A, MS2B-L, MS2B-R, MS2L, MS2L-D, MS2L-E, MS2V, MS3B, MS3C, MS4A, MS4B, MS5B, SP-A, SP-A1, SP-A2, SP-C, SP-C1, TAMD30, TAMD30A, TAMD40A, TAMD40B, TMD30, TMD30A, TMD40A, TMD40B & TMD40C.

The Racor S3228TUL is similar to the Racor S3328, but is UL approved making it suitable for American boats and passenger carrying vessels in the UK where UL approval is required (Underwriters Laboratory).

Never compromise the effectiveness of your Racor Fuel Filter / Water Separator. Always insist on genuine Racor elements, with Aquabloc water repelling properties. Only genuine Racor elements will ensure that your Racor filter performs as Racor designed it to. Don't leave it to chance.

Racor elements are colour coded: Brown "S" is 2 Microns, Blue "T" is 10 Microns, Red "P" is 30 Microns.

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