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This is a listing of items that have been fitted to Thornycroft 150 engines throughout production. We hope this page will help you; if you do not see what you are looking for, please contact us. We may be able to help.

The inclusion of items on this page does not infer that these items are genuine Thornycroft spares. Please check carefully the suitability of the item for your own application.

Gasket sets listed do not contain gaskets for marinisation components.

Requests for Thornycroft spares should always be accompanied by the engine number / build list.

The Thornycroft 150 is a 4 cylinder, 4 stroke, vertical, inline 2.5L diesel engine, based on the five bearing crank version of the Landrover 2.5 series engine.

The 150 engine replaced the Thornycroft 140 and was available in heat exchanger or keel cooled configuration. However, although more powerful, it proved less popular due to the apprehension of customers when they realised it had a belt driven camshaft. This was new technology for marine engines of this size, but fears proved unfounded, so long as belt inspection / renewal is managed as part of regular maintenance procedures.

From the MS-01-150 Thornycroft 150 leaflet, ratings are as follows:

1500RPM 25BHP 5.73LPH, 2000RPM 36BHP 7.91LPH, 2500RPM 46BHP 10.1LPH, 3000RPM 55BHP 112.8LPH.

Intermittent rating is 66BHP.

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