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Blade Fuses

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Blade Fuses

We supply a wide range of standard ATO regular blade fuses, which are suitable for both marine and automotive uses. These fuses range from 1 amp to 40 amps and are sold in various packs sizes, including handy assortment fuse boxes to keep spares.

Alongside the standard blade fuses we have a new range of LED blade fuses which light up to indicate that the fuse has blown, making it a whole lot easier to find the potential problem in your electrical system.

We also have a range of fuse holders designed for blade fuses are also available.

Please check carefully that the wiring is capable for the intended load, and that the fuse is capable of protecting the wiring. Generally the fuse rating should not exceed 1.5 times the amp rating of the wiring cable. If in doubt, please check with a qualified and competent technician.

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