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Silicone Reducing Straight Hose

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Silicone Reducing Straight Hose

Our Seaflow range of silicone hose has been specifically developed for use in coolant, heating and turbocharger systems. Silicone hose is specifically designed for carrying water and anti-freeze and also has good resistance to oil splashing, although it is not generally intended to transfer oils or fuels. Combining this with high performance materials and construction, as well as hose flexibility, the Seaflow range of silicone hose is an ideal and reliable replacement for engine coolant and heater hose. It is also suitable for use as a flexible joint between rigid pipes or anywhere where the silicone construction is more beneficial to rubber.

Silicone hose lengths are made from plied silicone that has been reinforced with polyester, making it extra strong. It is highly resistant to oxygen, ozone, water, sunlight and UV radiation, and also offers excellent resistance to compression. The hose has high electrical insulation qualities and is also very reliable working in extreme low and extreme high temperatures. These properties make silicone hose compliant to SAE J20 R1 (Class A), meaning it is perfect for use in the marine industry.

These blue silicone hose straight reducing adaptors are suitable for altering or adapting hose size in pipework. Reducing adaptors are available in a wide range of bore sizes and are also available in 90° elbows.

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