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Oceanflex® is a range of wiring cable that has been designed for use in harsh environments, such as marine applications. The copper conductor strands are plated with tin for a more corrosion resistant thin-wall low-voltage cable.

In severe weather or harsh environments low voltage copper cables will begin to corrode over time, The copper reacts with oxygen, turning it black. In salt water applications copper instead forms a turquoise carbonate layer. These reactions cause the cable electrical conductivity to reduce, this leads to weaker cable and puts your electrical circuits at risk, which will cause faults and failures in your electrical systems.

Oceanflex has been designed specifically to overcome these problems. The tinned copper conductors are highly resistant to corrosion over short and longer periods of time, whether it is due to fresh water, salt water or an excess of moisture. Oceanflex tin plated cables have a much greater life span when compared to standard copper wiring cable, this means lower maintenance and repair costs, in addition to less down time due to the prevention of such failures.

Tinned cable is ideal for general wiring in Automotive and Marine industries where there is exposure to water. Typical applications include: marine cable for boats, rally cars and off road vehicles.

Oceanflex is the perfect choice when designing, building, repairing or changing low voltage electrical wiring for harsh environments.

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