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Microtem was founded by people with huge experience in the design of heavy duty machines, such as pumps, turbines, compressors and engines. Their focus turned to mechanical seals as they looked to increase reliability of engines by eliminate issues caused by vibration, misalignment and stress. The companies mission is to create efficient, innovative products to exceed customer expectations, and have produced a range of marine propeller shaft seals that we can offer:

Microtem 900 Shaft SealMTM 900 series - The MTM 900 was made with smaller boats in mind, and is a direct competitor for propeller shaft seals using rubber bellows. However, this shaft seal is constructed from a durable technopolymer and will not suffer wear through corrosion, with all components on the outside of the body. The design also makes this shaft seal extremely compact, another big advantage compared to competitors. The seal is BV approved and mounts directly onto the stern tube with grub screws. The MTM 900 is available for use with shaft diameters of 20mm up to 185mm.

Microtem 901 Shaft SealMTM 901 series - The MTM 901 is an upgrade on the 900 series, featuring all the benefits listed above as well as the optional addition of the WaterShield, which allows maintenance to be performed with the boat in the water. It also features a stainless steel body as opposed to the technopolymer used in the MTM 900. The MTM 901 is also for use on boats with shaft diameters from 20mm up to 185mm.

MTM 400 series - The MTM 400 is definitely one of the most innovative products developed by Microtem. It is the first mechanical seal in the world to be equipped with a double set of springs to isolate the seal surfaces from vibrations. This allows you to compensate for angular and radial misalignment. These springs, in combination with a double system of O-rings, create what has been named a DEDaS® (Double Elastic Damping System). This elastic damping system gives the MTM 400 the ability to resist up to 60g of shock and up to 60 mm/s (RMS) of vibration.

Microtem 400 Shaft SealIn the rotor, there is another exciting innovation: the pump. Until now a pump has never been included in a propeller shaft seal, but it ensures that the cooling fluid is distributed better on the sliding faces, increasing the heat dissipation and thus reducing fuel consumption. All this means the MTM 400 series can achieve a performance life of more than 25,000 hours of operation. It has also been fire tested for 30 minutes!

There are more benefits in the rest of the design of the product. It is compact in size, one of the smaller solutions in the world, and also features the optional WaterShield to allow maintenance to be performed with the boat in the water. The 400 series is available to suit shaft sizes from 50mm to 500mm and can be made in different material configurations. it is certified by RINA and, thanks to all the innovations included, it is provided with an international patent.

Microtem 470 Shaft SealMTM 470 series - The MTM 470 is the first electronically controlled mechanical propeller shaft seal system in the world. Based on the mechanics of the MTM 400, it is managed by a software that allows you to control and monitor the shaft seal in real time. There are 7 sensors incorporated in the MTM 470 which control, record and analyze the following: radial and axial vibrations, temperature of the cooling fluid, the pressure of the cooling fluid, temperature of the sliding faces, speed in revolutions per minute and wear, or the degree of deterioration of the sliding faces. The software records all these values and transmits them in various languages (CAN BUS, CAN OPEN, TCP/IP) to the operator with a traffic light warning system. All the data is processed to show the remaining operating life that the mechanical seal can still perform, considering the current conditions. This value does not determine the final limit of operation but gives an estimation of “possible failure”.

The acquisition unit is able to handle additional sensors connected to the engine, such as temperatures, vibrations etc, which can make this unit the brain of the vessel. It transmits according to all protocols and languages, via GSM, satellite, bluetooth, wifi , offering the possibility to remotely manage the operating information. The MTM 470 is designed and built to provide a tool to avoid running into failure and aid in the management of the resources of those who own a fleet of boats. The data can all be analysed to judge which problems are the most frequent, what configurations are the best, as well as giving an estimated life of each mechanical seal.

To discuss Microtem or to get a quote for your application, please contact our support department by email or on +441502 716993.

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