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Labcraft Power Astro Surface Mount LED Light (320lm / 24V)

Part No. 724636

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Brand Labcraft
Country of Origin United Kingdom
Model LL2CW250/2
Series Power Astro
Construction Aluminium housing & ABS end caps
Light Colour Cool White
Voltage Range: 20V to 32V DC
Wattage LED Power: 3W
Light Output 320 lm
Amps Average Current: 0.16 Amps at 32V
Length 343mm
Height 43mm
Case Colour White
Protection Rating IP66
Temperature Range -30°C to +40°C
Certification / Approvals E-type approved
Warranty (Years) 10
Replaces Labcraft Power Astro LL2CW6-0.5/2

This Labcraft LL2CW250/2 Power Astro LED light features the Orizon LED strip light which uses the latest in LED technology and offers optimal performance and longer life. The properties of these Cree LEDs give greater luminosity, allowing a brighter light to be obtained using fewer LEDs, which results in a lower power usage. This Power LED version offers a more concentrated light output across a shorter span. The LED light provides 320 lumens.

The Orizon LED strip sits within the slim aluminium housing that conceals the fixings, and with ABS end caps that snap-on, the Power Astro light is quick and easy to install.

The Power Astro LED light is approximately two times the length of standard awning lights, which allows the Power Astro to produce a wider spread of light along the side of the vehicle, and offer superior exterior illumination. The angled light produced makes this LED unit a perfect light source to light up work areas, shelves, lockers and other applications.

The PCB driver, components and LEDs are encased in a polycarbonate extrusion, making the Power Astro light waterproof to IP66.

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    9K Protected against close-range high pressure, high temperature spray downs.
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