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Speedometer Gauges

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Speedometer Gauges

Faria Beede marine speedometer gauges in a variety of Faria Beede styles. These gauges are available in a wide range of speed ratings as well as using different methods of recording speed: An electronic paddle wheel, a mechanical pitot tube or a GPS antenna.

Which Speedometer do I need?

Electronic paddle wheel speedometer gauges involve mounting the sensor on the back of the boat hanging down into the water. The sender contains a paddle wheel which spins as the water passes through it. This records speed through the water and sends the information to the gauge mounted in the boat dashboard. Electronic paddle wheel speedos are more commonly used on lower speed boats.

Mechanical pitot tube speedometer gauges also drop a sensor into the water flow off the back of the transom. However, this pitot tube converts a change in water pressure into a change of speed, as water pressure being forced into the tube will be higher at greater speeds. This pressure makes the needle move and show the speed on the gauge. Mechanical pitot tube speedos are more suitable for use on speed boats, which is why Faria Beede offer gauges able to display higher speeds than the paddle wheel speedos.

GPS (Global Positioning System) speedometers use an internal antenna to gather precise information on speed (accuracy of ±1MPH) and course over ground (accuracy of ±1°). The accuracy is consistent regardless of boat speed, making them perfect for low speed and high speed boats. The analogue pointer is powered by a digital stepper motor to eliminate pointer bounce and inaccuracies.

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