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Propeller Shaft Couplings

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Propeller Shaft Couplings

The shaft coupling is the component which joins the propeller shaft to the gearbox output flange. Some are bolted directly to the gearbox but many installers use a flexible couple, such as R&D flexible couplings, which would then bolt to the gearbox. Our range includes couplings for most popular transmission types, bored for imperial or metric shafts.

Basic overview of the shaft couplings available:

  • Solid half coupling - these are usually held on to the boat propeller with roll pins or grub screws. Locates with a key.
  • Clamp on or split half couplings - The shaft end of the coupling slides over the boat propeller shaft and is then clamped into position by the clamp bolts. Larger size couplings are also located with a key and keyway.
  • Bobbin coupling - this is a double flanged coupling, used to space out the propeller shaft, or which can be used with two R&D flexible couplings to double insulated noise and vibration.
  • Coupling adaptors - some gearboxes have an output flange which does not mate to the standard R&D shaft coupling range. For some of these, there are adapters, which bolt to the gearbox output flange to allow a standard R&D shaft coupling to fit.
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