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Rule Multi-Port Shower Sump Pump System (24V / 50LPM)

Rule shower sump pump system for grey water waste. This water tank features a clear screw-down cover which allows tank water level inspection from the outside. The tank contains a Rule 800 submersible pump to discharge the waste water, which is controlled by a Rule-a-Matic float switch.

The tank features a non return valve to ensure the water only runs in the correct direction. It also includes a removable debris strainer which can be taken out and cleaned easily. Rule 98A-24 shower sump pump tank is ignition protected.

The multi-port system features 3 inlet ports to connect shower and sink pipes. One port is 19mm, one is a stepped 19mm and 25mm port and the other inlet accommodates 28mm or 38mm hose.

Rule Shower Sump System Overview:

  • Voltage: 24V
  • Flow Rate: 50 Litres per Minute
  • Inlet Ports: 19-38mm
  • Outlet Port: 19mm
  • Fuse Size: 1.5 Amp
  • Overall Length: 210mm
  • Overall Width: 285mm
  • Overall Height: 140mm
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SHOWER SUMP 800gph 24volt MULTIPORT Part No. 504927 Currently out of stock
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