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PRM Marine Gearboxes

We are proud to hold one of the largest stocks for PRM marine gearboxes and PRM marine gearbox spares, ready for same day despatch around the world.

PRM marine gearboxes have a proven reliability on-board marine commercial and marine leisure boats. Formally PRM Newage Transmissions, PRM Marine have established a worldwide reputation for quality; reliability and in-service performance which makes the PRM gearbox range the ideal choice for many marine applications.

The PRM marine gearbox range is supported by a full factory spares backup and have a no quibble two year warranty. Whether your need is heavy duty commercial or sailing auxiliary, we can match the correct PRM gearbox to your needs. When correctly matched to an engine and propeller, every PRM transmission will provide smooth, quiet and trouble free operation for many years.

All PRM gearboxes and spares are designed for maximum reliability over an extended service life. In the event of an emergency, PRM hydraulic gearboxes can be mechanically locked into gear to get you home safely.

We also supply a wide range of PRM gearbox spares which can be found here.

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From £412.20
ex. VAT
PRM 80D Drop Centre Gearboxes Part Nos. PRM-80D2, PRM-80D2-5.

From £531.90
ex. VAT
PRM 120D Drop Centre Gearboxes Part Nos. PRM-120D2, PRM-120D2-5, PRM-120D3.

From £786.60
ex. VAT
PRM 150D Drop Centre Gearboxes Part Nos. PRM-150D1-5, PRM-150D2, PRM-150D3.

From £1,144.80
ex. VAT
PRM 260D Drop Centre Gearbox Part Nos. PRM-260D2, PRM-260D3.

From £1,463.40
ex. VAT
PRM 260C Inline Gearboxes Part Nos. PRM-260C2, PRM-260C3.

From £1,672.20
ex. VAT
PRM 500D Drop Centre Gearboxes Part Nos. PRM-500D1-5, PRM-500D2, PRM-500D2-5, PRM-500D3.

From £2,461.50
ex. VAT
PRM 750A Down Angle Gearboxes Part Nos. PRM-750A1, PRM-750A1-5, PRM-750A2, PRM-750A2-5, PRM-750A3.

From £2,076.30
ex. VAT
PRM 750CB Inline Gearboxes Part Nos. PRM-750CB1, PRM-750CB1-2, PRM-750CB1-5, PRM-750CB2, PRM-750CB2-5, PRM-750CB3.

From £1,801.80
ex. VAT
PRM 750D Drop Centre Gearboxes Part Nos. PRM-750D1, PRM-750D1-5, PRM-750D2, PRM-750D2-5, PRM-750D3, PRM-750D4.

From £3,264.30
ex. VAT
PRM 1000A Down Angle Gearboxes Part Nos. PRM-1000A1-5, PRM-1000A2, PRM-1000A3.

From £0.00
ex. VAT
PRM 1000D Drop Centre Gearboxes Part Nos. PRM-1000D1-2, PRM-1000D1-5, PRM-1000D2, PRM-1000D3, PRM-1000D4.

From £6,821.10
ex. VAT
PRM 1500D Deep Case Gearboxes Part Nos. PRM-1500D31SAE1, PRM-1500D31SAE2, PRM-1500D39SAE1, PRM-1500D39SAE2, PRM-1500D45SAE1, PRM-1500D45SAE2, PRM-1500D49SAE1, PRM-1500D49SAE2.

From £5,902.20
ex. VAT
PRM 1500S Shallow Case Gearboxes Part Nos. PRM-1500S12SAE3, PRM-1500S15SAE3, PRM-1500S19SAE3, PRM-1500S22SAE3, PRM-1500S24SAE3, PRM-1500S30SAE3.




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