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Murphy Mechanical Oil Pressure Switch Gauge (Metal Case / 7 PSI)

Murphy oil pressure gauge from the 20P Series Switchgage instruments. This range of mechanical gauges has a diaphragm-actuated gauge and features a classic look featuring a stainless steel bezel, black dial and white graphics. The gauge is protected with a steel case and features a tough polycarbonate lens.

Pressure changes at the diaphragm are converted to mechanical movements to operate the oil pressure gauge. The pressure port features a pulsation dampener to help eliminate excess movement in the pointer to permit highly accurate readings. This gauge is said to be accurate within 2% in the middle 1/2 of the scale, and within 3% in the lower and upper 1/4.

The Murphy 20P series oil pressure gauges are suitable for monitoring transmission oil and crankcase oil, as well as for industrial and automotive applications.

Murphy Switchgages have a built in electrical switch which can be used for triggering alarms or shut down devices. In the 20P model the pressure indicating needle acts as one switch pole which completes the circuit when it touches the level set by the adjustable contact.

This oil pressure gauge is the Murphy 20P-0-7, which measures from 0-7 PSI.

Murphy Oil Pressure Gauge Overview:

  • For 52mm (2") diameter hole
  • For 6mm (1/4") maximum panel thickness
  • Factory part number: 20P-0-7
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