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"In this day and age it is most refreshing to find someone who is not only interested in his job but does more than the extra mile to be helpful." - Peter Gallienne (July 2014)

"I think we have not a sales and customer services like yours in France." - Mr F. Gerbier (June 2014)

"I must thank you for all the effort you have put into this on my behalf and you can rest assured A.S.A.P Supplies is very definitely on my list of suppliers." - Ted (June 2014)

"Order received thank you for your promptness." - Mary-Ann (March 2014)

"Just to say, the replacement rubber washers for the wiper motors have arrived. Many thanks for the excellent service." - Stuart (February 2014)

"Thank you and the team at ASAP for all your assistance so far as your attentiveness and efforts have really assisted us in efficiency." - Simon (January 2014)

"Hi Ashley, Many thanks for parcel which arrived 8.45am this morning. Having only ordered it yesterday your system continues to be as efficient as ever." - David (January 2014)

"Hi All, Received goods on Tuesday. What great service. Well Done" - Robin (January 2014)

"Fantastic service any faster and I would have had the replacement before the old part failed" - Dave (December 2013)

"Jay, The coupling arrived this morning and is now being installed. Weekend saved – you're a hero!" - Dan (November 2013)

"Hi Matthew, great website and product range thanks, we don't seem to have the same availability in New Zealand despite the large number of Beneteau boats." - Carl (October 2013)

"Hi Matthew, thanks for you diligence - it's really nice to find a company that cares! All the best." - Dave (October 2013)

"Hi Jay, Just to let you know that I received the parts today, that was very fast thank you very much." - Marcel (October 2013)

"Well done for excellent service." - Geoff (October 2013)

"Hello Matthew. May I compliment you on the professional and friendly way you handled my enquiries and order, a refreshing experience not all too common these days I find, so thank you for that." - Michael (September 2013)

"Thank you very much for getting my recent order to me so quickly. Much appreciated." - Ian (September 2013)

"Hi Jay, That's done it, thank you. Payment has been made OK. I look forward to seeing you on the stand on the 21st and hopefully you will have a little time so I can buy you a beer to thank you for the excellent service you have provided." - Bob (September 2013)

"Hi Ashley. Thanks for your help today. I have paid for the goods and we will send someone to collect this afternoon. I am impressed with how easy your company was do deal with and how helpful you all are." - Sharon (September 2013)

"Thanks for your catalogue, and for the way the company looked after me." - Lawrence (February 2013)

"Hi Matthew, thank you very much for your reply. That’s what I call a Very Good Service, I will make sure to recommend A.S.A.P. Supplies on the Dutch sailing forum site!" - Thierry (January 2013)

"Hi Matthew, I received my order today and it was exactly what I needed and in excellent condition. I would like to congratulate you on your professional service and especially your communication." - Eric (January 2013)

"Hi Jason, This e-mail is to thank you and to tell you that gearbox and adapter were received by us and everything is ok. Many thanks again for your good help and all the best to you." - Gricelda (October 2012)

"Thanks for your prompt and informative reply. I have ordered the gauge (arrival next week hopefully) which is in deg. F in large letters and deg. C in small letters. I will order the sender from you when I have the Yanmar thread confirmed. Great service I have to say." - Bob (September 2012)

"Hi, Matthew, Just to let you know the PRM box has not gone down under "Down Under." As promised it arrived just 4 days after I placed the order which by any standard has to be A1. I installed it last week and all went well. Once again thanks to Tom, Customer Service, and yourself. I shall certainly recommend A.S.A.P. to other boating people here." - Andy (September 2012)

"Dear ASAP team, just a note of thanks for you service recently. I had ordered some parts last week to be delivered to me in Malaysia. The parts arrived in four days of ordering in good order. Your service, pricing and even the packaging was excellent. I will be recommending your services to others. Well done from a satisfied customer." - Stevan (September 2012)

"Bonjour, j'ai reçu mon colis aujourd'hui. Je vous remercie de la rapidité de vos réponses. Merci" - Xerri (August 2012)

Translation - "Hello, I received my package today. Thank you for the speed of your responses."

"Many thanks for the speedy service on my PRM bits which came today. With a bit of luck my gearbox oil will stay where it belongs -in the gearbox!!" - Geoff (August 2012)

Newsletter Comment

"Just to let you know that I think these technical articles are excellent and hope that you will keep them coming. Just thought I would suggest a future article if I could be so bold!

How about one on putting in a bilge pump system? My boat (a 1982 Sea master 813) does not have one and I would like to know the design requirements and what should be considered to enable me to fit one that is up to standard and works! My boat is only used on the Thames but even so I still think a bilge pump system would be a useful system to have.

Just an idea and keep up the good work." - Dennis (July 2012)

"Good morning, thank you for your prompt response, your reasonable prices always amaze me..! This is just to confirm I placed the order for the Bowman manifold a few minutes ago and look forward to doing more business with you in the future." - Eric (July 2012)

"Just a quick and most sincere thank you for the fantastic service you guys afforded me, yet again.

The young man I spoke to on the telephone yesterday morning went out of his way to make certain that I was to receive exactly the right components for my needs on a specific job and he then went on to dispatch them in the first available post ensuring that I received them first thing this morning. I had explained to him that they were for a very important rush job and the yacht in question had to be fully prepared for sea on Friday morning.

Credit to the chap in question and credit to your company for providing the boating community with an absolutely first rate service." - John and Fiona (July 2012)

"Many thanks for your super fast delivery - very pleased." - Martin (July 2012)

"Order placed this morning. E-mail received, early this afternoon, to say order dispatched. Great service, well done." - John (July 2012)

"Dear Ashley, This is belated thanks for your last email giving me the Lloyds certs re the BilgeKleen filter. Thank you very much for this, it has done the trick and I certainly feel confident in using your good service. You and your company are very well named as ASAP!" - Olaf (July 2012)

"New world record? I ordered yesterday and now I am sitting with my parts here in Norway!!!!! Keep up the good work!!! -and have a nice week-end!!! Best regards from very happy customer." - André (June 2012)

"Tom, you are a star. I was a happy customer whilst in Europe and I will remain one down under. Can't beat the UK for availability, price and service." - Darren (June 2012)

"Just to say "Thank you" once again, for all your help and advice on the phone, always absolutely brilliant." - Ian (May 2012)

"Dear Steven, I just wish to let you know that the Water Pump etc., which you dispatched on SDN062005, arrived in good order today 1st May, and I wish to thank you for your excellent service." - Damien (May 2012)

"Hello, just wanted to let you know that my items arrived in good order today. Thank you for your excellent service." - Bernardo (April 2012)

"Hi, Just to say that the products I ordered on Monday morning 16 April have arrived this morning Thursday 19 April in Sicily and I shall start fitting them tomorrow morning! Thanks for the very prompt and efficient service." - Chris (April 2012)

"Thanks again for your prompt assistance - ASAP supplies are reliable and its much appreciated! Best wishes." - Keith (March 2012)

"Good Afternoon Mitch, The heat exchanger body arrived on Friday the 23. Everything OK. Very fast and satisfying. It has been a pleasure to trade with you." - Bo (March 2012)

"Dear Sir, Absolutely perfect service, friday afternoon I had the parcel with the parts delivered to my boat. Thank you very much." - Ineke (March 2012)

"Hi there Jason! The flex coupling has arrived and I went very smooth thanks for your help. I shall try it on my revers-gear tomorrow. I will use your company more and tell my friends here in Sweden about you..." - Tobias (February 2012)

"Thanks for the prompt delivery of my tank, great service." - Simon (January 2012)

"Received order today, many thanks for such a quick delivery considering it included the New Year and a weekend." - George (January 2012)

"Just a brief note to say thank you for your prompt and accurate attention to my request for a PRV valve. Your rep. at the boat show was most helpful and thanks to both him and WEB if they are different people. Have just returned from Spain where boat is moored and PRV successfully fitted! Well done" - Ron (November 2011)

"Absolutely brilliant site and service. I didn't know we had this facility already set up and running. Matthew on your Tech Chat has been a great help and reset the login straight away. I wish every supplier had this online ordering facility - I will now be working on getting as many things changed over to ASAP as it will make my life a lot easier. Well done ASAP!" - Amanda (November 2011)

"Dear Mr Matthew, Today we received the parcel you sent. One again thank you very much for your support and your good services. We believe that we have many chances to cooperate in the future." - Pham (October 2011)

"Hi Matthew, This was very helpful, and I have now paid for the order. Thanks for the excellent customer service throughout." - Steve (September 2011)

"Dear Matthew, I paid the order. Thanks for your excellent service." - Jacques (September 2011)

"Big WOW from Vienna! Shipment already arrived a few hours ago. Excellent done!" - Rene (September 2011)

"Dear Sir/Madam, I just wanted to thank you all for the excellent service I have received of late. Gratitude seems to be in short supply these days, sadly, but I reckon you guys deserve it. Excellent customer service, top rate products at totally realistic prices. Thank you so much and please keep up this sterling service you provide." - John (September 2011)

"Thanks Tom, I am so impressed with you and your company’s service compared to others I have been dealing with this and other matters. I will come back to you soon as I can." - Gordon (September 2011)

"Just to say a big thank you for excellent service on my first order for some years. Goods arrived safely. Will be in touch when I need anything else. Many Thanks." - John (August 2011)

"Gents, I placed Order No 48304 on Friday morning Aust time and it was delivered in Aust at 8.30 am today ( Tues Aust time). Incredible service from the UK. I will deal with you more often if you have the things I need." - Barry (August 2011)

"Neil, would like to thank you for the good service. Received the part last week and could install it this weekend. I´m a happy man." - Raoul (June 2011)

"Hi Matthew, many thanks. I've now registered with ASAP and have placed my order for collection later. Your website ordering process is excellent (once you know the part number you need!) and Paypal too! Appreciate you help very much." - Tony (June 2011)

"Good morning Sir Thank you for your fast reply. Yesterday I spent hours looking for this thing and was over the moon when I saw yours, out of all the pump sites i looked at yours was the better laid out and easy to follow. So I ordered yours." - John (June 2011)

"Filters safely arrived. Pretty good, only 9 days to a Greek island. Many Thanks." - Peter (June 2011)

"You have supplied exactly what I needed, our holiday to France is back on! Many thanks for your excellent service." - Ivan (June 2011)

"Dear all, fantastic got your packet today a/m. We will now use you for all our spares we can source from you in the future." - Michael (June 2011)

"Hi ! Again, I received the following order, thanks again for good service. Wishing you a great summer" - Tapio (May 2011)

"Damn good service. What a pleasant change from our French counter parts! "I'll be back" to coin a phrase." - Pat (May 2011)

"Hey ! I have received the following delivery, thanks a lot of good service In Finland there are quite a bit of BMC engines, so the availability of spare parts we have pretty bad" - Tapio (May 2011)

"Good afternoon Glenn, I had a working Easter weekend really but due to my own computer ignorance I have received a catalogue already! Nevertheless your efficiency is appreciated and the prompt customer attention is a fine example of how it should be." - Robert (April 2011)

"I just wanted to let you know how impressed I was at your great service, fair prices and speedy delivery! I received my order today here in the US, just 4 business days after ordering it - I rarely can get parts that fast here domestically. So thank you and keep up the great work! Cheers!" - David (April 2011)

New website described as "100 times better than the previous one". - John (March 2011)

"I have received my water pump today. I would like to thank you for your excellent customer service. I appreciated the catalogue included. I'm sure it wont be too long before I'll need some more parts for the Thorney 90." - Greg, Australia (March 2011)

"My stuff just arrived, safe and sound, very well packed and all OK. Thank you very much for taking care of everything." - Peter (March 2011)

"Many thanks for the Diesel Engine Handbook. It's a very useful addition to the ship's library. A much appreciated prize." - Hamish (February 2011)

"It arrived at 08:15 this morning. Thank you, that's damn good service. I only wish I could fit it as fast." - Tony (January 2011)

"This online chat is brilliant, well done!" - Peter (January 2011)

"The quote has everything I want. I have now completed and paid for the order online... Thank you very much for all your help and excellent service!" - BjØrnar (December 2010)

"Pleased to say received parts yesterday, everything was to my requirements. Many thanks to yourself and Neil; it's been a pleasure doing business with you." - Alan (December 2010)

"The filter Racor RP25 has come to Spain perfectly! Is a pleasure to buy in your store, I would not hesitate to buy again. Thank very much and regards from Spain." - Joaquin (December 2010)

"For us non-technical individuals it is reassuring to be able to receive professional guidance on which direction to turn, rather than just flapping around in the dark and receiving so called "expert" advice from people (and there seems to be plenty) who probably know as little about these things as myself. Thank you." - Tony (November 2010)

"Since the "hiccup" period earlier this year I have purchased a number of items and I thought it only courteous to let you know that the service now provided is faultless; probably better than it has ever been, and it was always good!" - Alan (September 2010)

"Thanks for my recent and first order. Exactly as described, fair price, quickly delivery!" - Russell (September 2010)

"Many, many thanks for your very prompt service; the part arrived at 9am Saturday morning and was fitted by Saturday afternoon. We had to cancel a whole weeks bookings waiting for a dealer to get the part. I will deal direct with you in future." - Trevor (September 2010)

"I just wanted to say how amazed and pleased I am at the speed of delivery of the items. Many thanks." - Simon (August 2010)

"It is pleasing to know that in this day and age, someone actually cares about sales, and replies promptly to enquiries." - Kenneth (August 2010)

"Would like to tell you what a wonderful service I have received from your company. This is as a result of a young man called Gary; he has gone the extra mile to make sure I receive an item that was out of stock... his efforts have made it available to me in the narrow time frame I gave to him. You have an excellent representative in Gary; I am sure others have had similar good experiences. I hope you don't mind me taking the time to tell you how pleased I am... Good service is not the norm these days, and that "extra mile" is often a lonely place!" - Mike (August 2010)

"...I have to say I am delighted with the end result. Everything went really smoothly and all of the new bits were a breeze to work with. Not only do I now have a properly functioning exhaust, it is also slightly quieter and looks superb. Just wanted to say many thanks for all your help. It is really appreciated, and I do not think I would have been able to do it without your help and advice on the parts needed." - David (June 2010)

"The goods on order from you were delivered this morning. I shall certainly use your company again whenever I need anything. What a good service you give. Congratulations, and please pass on my thanks to all concerned" - Robert (May 2010)

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